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Jan 23, 2017

Hola Muchacho’s, It’s episode #95 and I have Rachel David on the show to talk about an upcoming all forged metal show she and Zach Lihatsh are hosting in New Orleans.   Rachel is a blacksmith and artist living and working in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Her business is called Red Metal Designs.  And Zach is an artist blacksmith living in Arizona, he’s a graduate and instructor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  They will be hosting a very special art show containing juried forged art pieces that have been submitted by all of you, the blacksmith community.  The art show is called “Nu Iron Age” and will be held in conjunction with the SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) convention, May 24th – 27th.  The details of the call for entry will be in the show notes for this episode on as well as the link to the website, called CAFÉ, in case you want to submit a piece.  If you are unfamiliar with the CAFÉ system, you must register an account (a free account) to submit applications for the calls for art they have listed.  I have uploaded a quick video of how easy it is to register in Café on my YouTube channel, Victoria Patti.  Rachel and I talk all about how to submit a piece, who the juror is, and why they are doing the show. 


What We Talked About

Nu Iron Age show dates – May 24, 2017 – May 27, 2017

Where – New Orleans

Entry Deadline: 4/21/17

Deadline to receive artwork May 20th

Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6 

Entry Fee (Nu Iron Age): $35.00

Blacksmiths; those that shape steel through fire and force, have often taken a backseat in the realm of modern art and design, deferring instead to function and tradition.  The last 2 decades have seen a new generation of blacksmith evolve.  They express an openness, and desire to engage with the art and design world. By organizing a show of contemporary forged iron work the hope is to connect blacksmithing with the wider conversation of metal work, contemporary craft, and the contemporary art world. This show will create a platform for relevant work within a fresh context. 

This show will happen in conjunction with this year’s SNAG conference. The SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) 2017 Convention’s theme is “nexus; a connection or hub”. “Nexus: A Connection of Ideas” will focus on motivating thinkers, collectors, and makers, to bring new and old, materials, techniques, and ideas together in New Orleans. As the conversation grows between the forging process and design; and as people connect their personal work to the greater field. The hope is that this show will help provide a contemporary space, one of sharing, connecting, and collaborating, a time-honored art form, a new Iron age.

Please submit digital images only into the Café system (you need an account, it’s free).  Each artist is welcome to submit up to three (3) entries.  Images should be a minimum of 300 ppi, cannot exceed 5 MB each, and must be in JPG format. Limit of two images per entry (one full view and one detail image).

Work must be produced from forged steel, contain some forged steel or reference the process of forging in some way. Other materials may be incorporated or used in the work submitted. Entries must be the complete work of the submitting artist. Kits or commercially designed works will not be accepted. All work must have been completed within the past two years (2014-2016).

Each artist is limited to three (3) entries. There is a $35 (USD) non-refundable fee, for up to three (3) entries. Payments must be submitted online at the time of application.

All work must be ready for installation. We reserve the right to exclude any entry that presents complex installation or assembly problems.  If work is to be delivered and installed by the artist, complicated installation prohibitions may be waived.

A 30% commission will be retained from all work sold during the exhibition. Works which are not for sale must be clearly marked as such (NFS).

The exhibition will be publicized regionally, nationally and internationally. GDAC reserves the right to use photographs or digital images of any accepted work for the purpose of publicity.  SNAG publications, Metalsmith magazine and local papers will advertise the show.

Artists are responsible for pre-paying all shipping charges to and from the exhibition site. Accepted works must be hand-delivered or shipped according to the instructions provided in the Artist Contract upon selection No work may be withdrawn before the close of the exhibition. Sending an entry to this exhibition shall imply an agreement on the part of the sender to all conditions above.

Juror: Our juror for the show will be David Houston of the Bo Bartlett Center.


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Call for Entry website:


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