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Aug 17, 2015

In this episode I decided to read two articles from the latest issue of the Fabricator Magazine published by NOMMA (National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metal Association).  The first article is written by Don Hutson.  He is a Hall of Fame speaker, a global expert on sales and negotiations, and an author of many books, the latest is called “Selling Value: Principles of Value Based Selling”.  The second article I read is from the NOMMA online ListServ system, an online forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members.  The question was posed by Richard Twiddy of Unique Iron Design LTD – “Recommendations for an even rust finish”.  Join NOMMA to get your questions answered by other members.


An article written by Don Hutson “Ways to sell value, rather than price”

  • “Price is falling away as a method to sell against your competitors.  Here are 7 ways to distinguish yourself based on the value you can provide your clients, rather than the short term method based totally on cost.”


  • “What is value anyway?  The truth is that value, like beauty, is quite subjective…..The only definition of value that really matters is the one your prospect has.”


  • “Sell value by differentiating your services.  To our customers, we often appear to offer just about the same products and services as our competitors until we have the opportunity to differentiate.”


  • “Make a needs analysis work for you.  Let’s first discuss some principles of the needs-analysis process….


  • Always take notes
  • Ask well thought out questions
  • Understand your prospects priorities
  • Show your sincerity to help”


  • “Seven ways to differentiate yourself from the competition."


  • Product differentiation
  • Price differentiation
  • Relationship differentiation
  • Process differentiation
  • Technological differentiation
  • Experiential differentiation
  • Marketing differentiation


  • “Bottom line – Your goal is to transition your prospect from a discussion on price to a discussion on the different deliverables you offer.”


NOMMA, reprinted from the July/August 2015 Fabricator Issue,


“Recommendations on an even rust finish” – from the NOMMA ListServ online forum.


Richard Twiddy from Unique Iron Designs LTD asked “Does anyone have a recommendation for achieving an even rust finish for a decorative, plasma-cut, mild steel fire pit?  We intend to shot-blast after it is finished to get a consistent surface and then need an even rust finish.”


Jeffery Presbaugh, Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron


“I like to use vinegar, water, and copper sulfate (root killer for septic systems).  Mixture is non-critical: then just spray it on.  It will change before your eyes.”


Eric Cuper, Cuper Studios LLC


“I don’t know what chemicals you have access to, but if you can get some ferric chloride, water, and a spray bottle you can get an even coat of rust.  Muriatic acid will do in a pinch.  After blasting, spray with a coat of diluted acid – let’s say 2 parts water, 1 part acid.  Not dripping, just evenly wet.  Allow to dry.  Then wet again with water only.  Keep repeating the water until you get the look you want.”


Dan Donovan, Allform Welding Inc


“We recently used a formula of 16 oz. of hydrogen peroxide, 2 oz. of white vinegar and ½ tablespoon of salt.  Put it into a spray bottle, shake it up good to mix, and then spray it on.  We had laser-cut decorative panels hanging vertically in the yard and sprayed them several times per day for a a couple of days.  Turned out good.”


Sonya Roman, Outland Steel Inc.


“Add some ketchup, which makes the solution thick.  It also helps to put a piece of plastic over it.  In Idaho, we have low humidity; most of the time, it takes considerable encouragement to get a rust finish.  Of, course, if you do a white blast, it goes to rust easily.”


Patrick Cardine, Cardine Studios LLC


“We do this all the time.  Blast, and before spritzing with hydrogen peroxide, wash with battery acid/sulfuric acid.  The difference is dramatic if you wash it with acid first.  Rusts immediately.  Over a couple of days of spritzing the rust will bite better.”


Richard Twiddy


“Thanks for your suggestions.  I’ll give them a try.  I love the NOMMA ListServ service.  We are all so lucky.  Ask any question, and so many people try their best to help within a very short time.  For 40 years, all I have tried to do is STOP things from rusting.  Now people want, rust. I must be getting old.”




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