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Welcome to BlacksmitHER Radio, spotlighting male and female blacksmiths around the world.


We’re committed to providing a host of resources to male and female blacksmiths of all ability levels through podcast interviews spotlighting your fellow blacksmiths. The podcast interviews are designed to help improve your metal working skills while providing an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion of blacksmithing!  

Feb 18, 2015

Tom Willoughby is a blacksmith working in Crowne Point Indiana.  He is a multi-talented guy who is a woodcarver, blacksmith, good at drawing and writing songs.  He holds classes in his Willoughby Forge and Anvil shop in Crowne Point. 

What We Talked About

  • He was a farrier for 34 years and he believes that horseshoeing and blacksmithing go hand in hand
  • He learned most of his blacksmithing techniques from Clifton Ralph and Roy Bloom
  • A childhood story about his lazy eye and having to wear a patch when he was a little boy shaped who he is today and what kind of a blacksmith he has become
  • The story about the anvil vultures he makes and how he makes them
  • Feb 19th Anvil Vulture Class in Tom’s shop
  • We talk about the size of his shop and what the layout looks like
  • He thinks a post vise that is mounted correctly one of the most important tools
  • The metal chicken’s he has made that have over 400 horseshoe nails for the feathers
  • How he keeps time on each project
  • His pricing strategies include the difficulty of the piece and the costs to run the shop
  • The “Blacksmithing Blues” song he wrote and how he wanted to go to Nashville for a music career!
  • Hoot Hester and Tom’s song they wrote together called “The Blacksmith Song”

Guest Links

Tom’s Facebook page -

Tom talking about his vultures on YouTube:

Blacksmithin Blues song on YouTube:

Blacksmith Song on YouTube:

ArtPrize Event in Michigan  -

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