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Dec 14, 2015

I’m reading an article from the California Blacksmith Association Newsletter, I belong to that organization and my membership has helped me in so many ways.  There are a lot of talented and skilled blacksmiths in California who belong to that association who share their tips and tricks of the trade.  The newsletter is one that I look forward to reading every time it publishes (every other month), for information on becoming a member visit .  The article is about Basic Forge –Welding by Jay Burnham-Kidwell, Golden Valley, Arizona.

 Forge welding seems to be one of the most controversial procedures in blacksmithing.  Probably because it’s the most magical and scientific technique.  Clarifying the process is difficult both in a live workshop and in a written article.  Sharing the content in a podcast, audibly might be another way for you to absorb this magical process.

 From the article:


“The basic requirements for a successful forge-weld are:

  • A clean, reducing coke or gas forge
  • Metals properly prepared and fluxed
  • Proper heat
  • Proper hammer control
  • Precise manipulation of the material, both within and without the fire
  • Speed in execution of the weld

The areas to be welded should be brought to a bright orange or light yellow, wire brushed and fluxed.”


Flux means “to flow”, there are many fluxes to be used, “20 Mule Team Borax” is the one of choice by the author of the article.


Different alloys and carbon contents are talked about – how they will weld at different temperatures.