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We’re committed to providing a host of resources to male and female blacksmiths of all ability levels through podcast interviews spotlighting your fellow blacksmiths. The podcast interviews are designed to help improve your metal working skills while providing an opportunity to connect with others who share your passion of blacksmithing!  

Dec 22, 2014

A Quick 20 Questions with Maria Cristalli


This is a quick interview with Maria Cristalli to learn some juicy tidbits about her in a short amount of time.  Maria Cristalli is an artist blacksmith working outside of the Seattle, Washington area. She has been blacksmithing for over 20 years, spending her developing years as an apprentice smith working with master smiths and taking classes.  She designs and forges architectural ironwork, home furnishings, ironwork for the garden, as well as sculpture.


If you like what you hear and want to hear more from Maria Cristalli, you can listen to our in depth interview, that will soon be available on the podcast page.


What Juicy tidbits are they?


·When is the most creative time of day for her?  She’s night owl!


·Her most unusual job? A Gaudi designed gate


·Where has she hit herself with her hammer?  The forehead!


·What blacksmith (dead or alive) would she like to spend a day with?  Carl Jennings, here is a website about the house he built in the 60’s,


·The strangest thing in her purse?  Sea Salt made by her sister-in-law, Alaska Pure Sea Salt Company,


Maria Cristalli’s Links:


Website –


Facebook -


Maria’s video -


Panorama of shop -


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